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My First Onsite :))

I m vry much hpy nw.. u knw y?? my long lasting dream came tru.. yes, its my first onsite trip to "The US of A".. n tht too in winters.. i love snow n i m njoying it.. this is the first exciting news i heard in 2010.. i had to go for this trip last yr but it kept on postponing n finally they have given me the date.. but i was stil nt sure.. but finally reached nw.. feeling hpy relaxed n kool..
it was bit like tension whn i started at hyderabad.. coz tht was my first international flight.. so bit excited bit tensed.. the emirates flight was @ 4 in the morning.. so had to come by 1.. requested the boarding pass guy to give me a window seat.. n so aftr immigration i felt bit relaxed n tension free.. i passed my time making calls.. going around in the airport.. had coffee, water.. n was about to sleep.. thr got our announcement to board the flight.. first i felt like may be i'll be the only person boarding for the first time n felt shy.. but when i boarded i felt like i joined some new school n evryone was new to each other.. luckily there was noone beside me for the first flight n got some space to sit freely.. had a vry gud experience seeing the whole city in lights.. flying higher than clouds.. watching movies (watched high school musicals 3 n liked it).. having good food juices n all.. but dint get chocs.. :(  whn getting down my first flight, i asked the hostess to take a pic of mine as i dint have anyone wit me..

i had to board another flight @ Dubai.. ppl say Dubai airport luks awesome but i dint get sufficient time to go around.. the security measures have become so tight that i had to spent much time there.. n also had to walk a long way.. may be i'll try the nxt tym..

boarded the nxt emirates flight.. but this time dint get a window seat.. so had to request a chinky sitting at the window.. n she is so sweet.. she offered me the nxt moment.. same kind of stuff again here.. watched nenu meeku thelusa (a telugu movie) n bits n piees of some english movies.. after sometime i felt so boring.. no space to sit freely.. it was bit conjusted aftr sitting for such a long time.. had to take a walk in the flight.. n thn started some kind of itching on my body.. dont knw y.. the reason might be becoz of food.. or for sitting continuously in a conjusted space.. thts ok.. i dint mind it much.. had to fill up few forms before getting down @ New York.. checked out the luggage.. immigration chk done n had to check in again for the next flight to Hartford.. whn checking in.. the black lady thr stopped me saying tht i have to pay for my luggage as it is exceeding the limits.. i dint want to spend any bucks thr.. so had to sit n adjust the 2 luggages.. chk-in done.. n nw the twist in NY.. they have given me the gate at terminal 3.. i heard of these gates whr we have to go in to board the flight.. but nt sure of these terminals.. so was just searching for them.. n the damn thing is noone thr also knws xactly.. evn the ppl wrking in the airport.. so was just walking all the way randomly and in circular motions.. reached at the same point thrice.. finally got someone who helped me saying that the terminal 3 is meant by the terminal of the air train.. so here i shud board a train to go to the gate.. thank god.. it is a vry big airport.. i took a calling card n made calls to my frens to make sure they r coming to pick me up.. n thn had to wait for sometime for the nxt flight.. meanwhile my itching increased little bit on my face n body.. but as i was waiting for my snowy moments i dint bother that..whn boarding the nxt flight i was excited coz i cud see the snow crystals glittering on the flight steps.. thn i felt.. hhhmmm i m gonna see snow.. :))

i love to play with snow always.. ofcourse i dint see it anywhr other than in my refrigerator.. my sis n i used to play with it n feel as if we r in swiss or somewhr.. n u knw something i used to eat it also.. some may feel yakie about this.. but i like it alot.. so with this childhood passion i decided to njoy my snowy moments in foreign.. n it hpnd to me.. my fren came to pick me up.. it seems like the snow fall just thn stopped the previous day n so i cud see the whole place with snow except the roads.. it was sooo gud.. i was just waiting to touch it.. play with it n if poss eat it.. :) we reached our hotel in 45minutes n i was in kind of sleep.. got down at hotel but cud nt resist myselflseeing the snow.. so took little into my hands n njoyed it.. :) thn my fren n i checked into the hotel.. he left telling me all the safety measures to be taken when alone.. i opened my baggage to fresh up.. made some calls to tell evryone that i reached safely n slept.. i was bit scared to stay alone thr.. so had to put the TV on till the morning.. nxt day in the mornin my position became bit bad..  i cud see the zits on my face n body increased much.. n i was worried thn.. we shud be vry careful whn travelling.. i think there was some food allergy or becoz of climate change.. i dont xactly remember wht i had but it left me in worries.. coz i dint have my insurance also tht tym.. had to take advise frm cousin n got some medicine called Benedryl (for allergies).. this is not a cough syrup.. but this is used by ppl thr for any kind of allergies.. this is just for information.. incase if anyone requires it.. :)

took one day rest.. went to fren's room.. had a gud tym together.. back to hotel.. had food n slept with still TV switched on.. thn nxt day i had to goto oppice.. :) had a pleasant drive in the morning with snow all around.. reached office.. met all my colleagues.. had a gud chat with evryone.. we used to meet all the time over fone calls.. but meeting personally made me feel gud.. so later on in that week, i shifted to my cousin's place.. we go together to office.. its vry near by.. my cousin is out of station nw.. so i m going alone by walk.. i feel so relaxed n hpy whn i take a walk in that cool breezes.. but i m beware of the chillingness here.. we shud take proper care of what u r wearing.. so frm thn till nw, my days went on kool n having gud experiences each day at office n also at room.. learning to cook.. cleaning.. helping each other.. n wrk is also not so hectic.. so evrything kool fr nw.. n hope so it goes til my stay ends.. probably i may return in feb last week.. so vry short time to njoy the things here.. i m eagerly waiting for the nxt snow fall.. hope so it hpns soon whn i m here.. :)

Pictures of left out snow at my hotel..

Signing off for now.... n sry for such a lengthy post.. but felt like keeping all my thoughts here.. :)

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