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Fish Curry - South Indian Style

Norway winters are the best winters I have seen. Like really. I think they are the real winters. Getting colder, darker, windier day by day, they are very much unlike summers. Everything turns to be lonely and different. More on the Norway weather later. Staying indoors is the best thing I can do on such weekends.

So what's the weekend plan, you ask? Cooking I would say. Somehow I have fallen into the trap of cooking these days. Ok, I know how to cook. And that's how I have been surviving, right? But cooking those special dishes more than just for survival was not my thing. But now once I started experimenting, I think I am into it. For now, I am an amateur and try to keep my dishes as simple as possible. So here is the first one from those experiments.. direct from Pria's Kitchen ;) 

Ingredients & Recipe: (This recipe is applicable for only certain kinds of fish. The one I used is Salmon)

1. Marinate fish and keep it aside for 15-20minutes.
    Fish + salt + chilli powd…

Sizzler Love

As I am craving for Sizzler today, I just remembered these pictures from few of my first ones while experimenting with my camera.  
I love it more for the sizzle it makes.
And now my hunger for sizzler is on peeks :/

Captain Phillips

So, I missed to celebrate Diwali with family one more year. This is the 4th consecutive year and it's no more fun missing family on festivals. To compensate that, I made some busy plans for this weekend like cleaning, cooking, dressing up, meeting friends with whom I got a chance to lit a sparkle that made me happy of diwali, games, good food, lots of sweets, loads of pictures and then watch Captain Phillips. Of all, cleaning was the worst part.

CP is one of the best action and thriller movies I have watched recently. Expecting it to be little boring from the poster, I still wanted to watch seeing the reviews. It being the true life story with many twists and turns made it more watchable. This is the story of a Captain of a huge American cargo ship that has to be reached to Africa from Oman. Tom Hanks played it the best by being the captain who tries to save the ship and his crew while they are being hijacked by pirates while passing through Somalia.

The whole story is on water and…