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Be Right Back!

Helloowww..  Its been long long time I am here. I was fevi-quicked to some things and a lot many things happened meanwhile. Shifted to a new room, not missing home, TV, my puppie anymore, did a LOT of shopping, bought shoes, handbags, accessories, back to long conversations with friends, prepared a better diet and a busy schedule, got additional phone connection and finally lost my shweet one-year-old friends (they are not an year old.. i meant one year friendship :)) and quickly made new ones *smiling shamelessly*.
There is a huge change which turned dully me to exciting one again. Moving to a different place made my mood lively and not-so-deadly-as-before. I always thought that I am completely responsible for my mood and the way I react. But NO! Its partly the surroundings like the 46'' TV, couch, car and especially the ones next to you make you to live. Hehe.. Isn't it nice blaming others for your acts? ;).
The best thing of all is one of my buddies cleared his UPSC preli…