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New Year 2010!!

i know i m late in posting this.. but late than never.. :)
First of all, a vry vry happy new year to all of you.. :) hope u all had a blasting new yr day..  i feel so happy that 2009 is ended.. really it was a vry bad yr for me.. ofcourse it also made some good moments in my life but you knw it happens sometimes like u wont be able to handle few things by urself and u depend on ur fate and time.. n then when it doesnt cooperate i feel pity about myself..i am not going to miss 2009 in any way.. i just want to let it go.. n welcome the new yr 2010 with a big huge smile expecting lots of new n surprising things to happen..:)

i also made few resolutions just like u :)

- to blog more.. to get rid of my lazziness n boringness, i strted blogging.. but stil i am lazy.. wanna blog much this yr.. (P.S: comments on my blog make me so hpy n feel to write more :p)
- eat well.. drink well (ofcourse water.. so vry important for ur body u knw..).. sleep well (shud try to avoid late night movies)
- be in more contact with frens n family..
- not to postpone things as now..
- wanna be more dedicative to work..
- to watch more movies than in 2009.. watching movies make me so relaxeddd.. :)
n finally njoi life to the fullest.. aftr all pria's motto in life - LIVE LIFE QUEEN SIZE.. :p

P.S: heres our new yr cake.. do have a piece before leaving.. :)


  1. those are some nice resolutions :)....Happy New Year Pria :)...i am willing to see more of ur blogging this year..have a nice day :)..


  2. and thanks for the yummy cake :)..



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