Hpy BDay 2 ME.. :(

hi bloggers.. hw r u al.. its been a long long long time i am back to blogging.. so lazy i am!! n u knw wht.. i forgot 2 wish my bloggie on her bday.. yeah.. it was on dec 6th.. n dint evn feel so tht i cud cross 1yr so easily.. n still i m the same bad blogger.. insulting my bloggie.. :( atleast nw i thot it wud b grt 2 make her hpy wishing her blated.. so here i go..

hpy bday 2 my sweet n short bloggie.. i wish u make mor bdays like this n make Pria improve in her blogging :) i m nt so much into the way of writing blogs.. but i always want to put all my feelings, bad or good, hpy or sorrow, on paper n i do it here.. i feel so hpy putting evrything here n getting 2 knw tht ppl actually read my blogs n respond too.. luv ya al for tht.. i feel i share few feelings as others.. n yeah we al r alike in sum way or the othr..

life is unusual these days for me.. exciting but feeling i m lifting so many heavy things on my head which r actually nt needed.. but stil u knw human tendency.. "waste time for wasteful things.." n i hate myself fr this.. i really dnt hate thm so much but sumtyms i feel y 2 bothr whn it is nt bothering u. n u knw i feel this weight so much on my head sumtyms whn i dnt hav any1 2 share.. yeah i fight wit frens aloootttt.. think sooo much bout silly things.. cry about it.. boast bout it.. n getting bak again.. :)

few updates frm my end r
- visited frens place fr thnx giving n had trips 2 NY, NJ, Atlantic City, Boston..
- watched Guzaarish movie.. liked it.. Hrithik rocksss.. :P
- spent so many bucks these days crossing my budget :(
- started preparing chicken.. :D
- so many like countless fights wit frens..
- got apple lappy recently.. vry much xcited using it..
- job is intrsting.. learning many official n non-official things :)
- getting closer 2 God these days.. makes me pleasant fr sumtime whn i m wit heavy heart..
- wil go 2 india soon for sum visa work.. hope so i wil b bak.. :)
- n right nw i m suffering wit full cold.. need 2 rest..

uuumm.. thts it fr nw.. keep visiting my blog.. n dnt forget 2 wish her.. :) take care guys..


  1. Many more happy returns of the day pria..i wish u a gr8 yr a head...

  2. wishing ur bloggie a belated happy birthday. U know I always thot blogger was a male thou...I am sure mine is :P

  3. @ravi, it was my bloggie's bday.. not mine :)

  4. @Mayz, thnk uu.. then let me say this way.. male's is male.. female's is female.. :P


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