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Taaggeeddd!! :))

long long ago.. so long ago.. i was tagged by Divya - an occasional but fantastic blogger.. :) here it goes..

Shows I like to watch
The moment of truth
Mind ur language
Cris Angels - mind freak
Mr. Bean
Small Wonder
Lizzie Mc Guire

8 things I look forward to - i have so many but wil try to make thm to 8
visit NY with frens
stay some more time in the US of A :)
shop more whn i m here
get a PL (personal lappy) - cannot browse evrything on office one :(
get a DSLR - loving fotografy these days
get a superrrr fone with low cost - costly fones make my dad angry :(
get a better job n a better pay
see my family hpy as always

8 things that happened yesterday - hhmmm...
long drive with frens
watched Alice in wonderland
tried ____ sandwich for 1st tym..
had choc shake aftr a long time
went to the world's 2nd largest casino - played some slots game.. nice one..  it makes u tempted 2 play mor
had a gr8 foto session thr
as usual some window shopping
had gr8 tym 2gthr (V, the fantastic 5 - VJ, Vamshi, Viks, Sush, Pri)

8 things I love about winter
no sun - i m scared of summers
can njoi the snow
no need to press clothes daily - seriously
can work frm home
can sleep sleep n sleep - i m always in luv wit sleep
can roam around - no worries bout sun
cn hav bajjis n masalas fr snacks

8 things on my wish list
wishes r nt 2 b revealed.. :)

8 things I am passionate about
long drives

8 phrases I use often
no yaaarr.. yes yaarr - yaar shud be thr ::)
shuuttt uppp
antha le
nee yenkamma

8 things I have learned from the past
neva trust humanssss
b slow in believing
not only appearences r deceptive, words r also sumtyms deceptive
frens cn b enemies
tears r precious
family in the 1st place
care the ones who care fr u
lyf is a miracle.. anythin cn hpn.. neva b in hurry.. wait fr the 1 u wish 2 hav

8 places I want to visit
NY ryt nw
new zealand

8 things I want/ need
love frm loved ones
love frm loved ones
love frm loved ones
love frm loved ones
love frm loved ones
love frm loved ones
love frm loved ones
love frm loved ones

8 bloggers I would like to tag

strted this tag on sunday n ended up 2day.. lengthy tag u knw.. :P

P.S. belated hpy Ugadi 2 al.. hope al had a gr8 tym.. keep smiling n gud luck fr the new yr!! :)


  1. You tagged me! Thanks :) :)
    I'll do this when i next have time :)

  2. awesome answers ...

    antha le
    nee yenkamma

    :P...i was thinking u will say anthe naa :P...

    mr bean is one of my fav ...its awesome right :)..

    some of ur passionates i to get mixed up :)..

    u sure will get a lappy and a super phone soon...

    and the best ans of all

    **8 things I want/ need
    love frm loved ones
    love frm loved ones
    love frm loved ones
    love frm loved ones
    love frm loved ones
    love frm loved ones
    love frm loved ones
    love frm loved ones

    awesome ans :)..will do up the tag soon :)..


  3. Nice to know about u. I liked '8 things I have learned from the past' the most.
    Best wishes for ur desires. :)

  4. tried ____ sandwich ? I am curious now ;)

  5. Hemu - ohh Hasini's dialog aa.. :) yeah i luv Bean series.. hope so 4 lappy n fone :(

  6. I love roadies..
    I say shutup like shaddapp!!
    I'm passionate about photography!
    I wanna visit paris too!

    we have a few things in common! :P Glad to have bumped into your blog somehow! :) Tag posts are super fun...

    Happy blogging!! :)

  7. Esther - thankuu.. thnx for stopping by.. keep visiting!! :)

  8. Love from loved (and the unloved too)ones is all we want !! :)

    Love comes from trust, and if you don't trust humans, I fear you'd cut down the choices. Open up girl, this is life.. we are not here to follow rules, this is life and it's about living, not controlling !

    Thank you Pria for tagging, sorry for being late and assurances to take up this tag !

    Take care ! :)

    Sourav .. in love with me and life!! :)

  9. Sourav - i m nt bothered bout the unloved ones.. let thm go 2 hel.. :)
    u knw wht.. i m learning 2 liv my lyf.. nt controlling..
    u 2 tc.. :)

  10. nice one ... keep posting .... Nilesh


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