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No, noone is responsible for this.. I am pissed off so much right now coz of Myself, the great Pria.. I am hating myself for being all this lazy and postponing things which is making me crazy now.. I never have the sweetness in myself to do my fav things on time.. yes, i dont even take care of the things i love the most.. just eat, sleep, rarely work.. n then roam around in trains.. how long am i going to do this?? i need some transformation within me right now.. i am thinking all the things i should have done by now before someone else does it and show it to me.. that really sucks.. i am not jealous.. but if i like and love something, i feel good if i do it before someone else actually does it.. n the happiness makes me crazy.. i feel so high.. may be this is one kind of rare typical human behaviour.. but i love myself for being like this.. leave loving myself now.. why didnt i do it?? n y am i going this mad seeing someone doing it.. i am counting all the things i should have done and i really wanna slap myself tight.. Priaaa.. i hate uuuuuuuu.. Wake up gurllllllllllllllllll.. time is not gonna wait for you.. dont regret for the things you should have done.. do it right now.. RIGHT NOW..

Pending things making me crazy now are:

1- Yoga and exercise.. i had this habit of doing yoga long time back in India coz of dad bugging me.. n now i was recently advised by my trainer to do exercise.. BUT..
2- Eat well, sleep well - i am already slim.. no THIN.. n planned my diet very often.. BUT..
3-Learn swimming.. i have been looking for the indoor swimming classes and they are open now.. i contacted them and advised me to sample classes of 7days.. it is just a block away from my office.. BUT..
4- Learn driving.. i applied for these driving classes long back.. i contacted the school and he agreed to pick me up and teach driving.. who can provide this kind of service.. BUT..
5- Take driving written test.. i have all the required material provided by frens.. received required instructions from frens.. BUT..
6- Learn photography.. i was so much intrsted of photography when i didnt have a camera.. n now i bought an SLR.. BUT..
7- I am right now working with 4different critical clients and i am damn pending with my office work too.. people here are softer than indian bosses.. they give you all the required time and resources.. BUT..
8- Take new phone.. i dont have a proper phone right now as i still dont have enough credit history.. yeah they need this damn credit history n all to give a phone on contract.. my fren promised me to get me one on her name and asked me to checkc the models at stores.. BUT..
9- Buy formals.. i have been using these formals and i am bored now.. wanted to try diff formals here.. BUT..
10- Meet fren.. she has been asking me to meet for a long time now and she finally stopped to invite me.. i always want to visit her on weekends.. BUT..

Uufff.. I am tired.. i have so many things in my list n it is not going to end..

The only reason for all these BUTs is I, Me, Myself and my crap laziness.. wanna get rid of this ASAP... i cant keep coming here to shout at myself :(


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