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It's YOU...

who made me weak and
... who became strong!!

Moral: Never let your happiness depend on someone else.. find happiness in yourself.. i know such a routine dialogue it is!! but this is true and life is this way..
i wish i go back and start it again or change it now.. both of which can't be done.. so, i am trying to change myself.. and this change is hurting me badly..

P.S: I am in office and writing all this senti here.. sorry, but this is what i feel sometimes.. me writing here will give me relief.. i just wrote this in general.. there is no bf-gf thing:P

P.P.S: Someone who hates blogging advised something on my blog.. "please do not use sms language in your blog".. hehe.. i am trying it hard now to avoid this.. short words made it easy and quick.. but never mind, i can do this if you like and peep into my blog sometimes.. :P



  1. I think I wrote one recently on same sub in my blog. :)

  2. hehe....sms language !!

    Its all fine as long as it gives you relief...after all we are not official here....


    i know you 'll find happiness soonn

  3. You're so right. We should never let our happiness depend on anyone else. But I think all of us do this. Our happiness is attached to so many people. And people are bound to let you down...


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