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Pretty Polka Dots

Am I the last one to put on polka dots? There was this trend where I have seen nothing except polka. At work, at shopping, at blogging, at parlors, at parties, at random places and in-fact at home too. Polka is aways pretty but at one time I wanted to be away from it. I never bought one for myself but gifted to my sister. It looks pretty on everyone (..this includes me I believe).

Finally I got this pretty polka dots dress and totally in love with it. It made me look more slim and perfectly fit.

Last weekend was a visit to Germany. It's a beautiful historical country. Historical places find to be boring sometimes. But cities in Germany like Berlin, the capital, has got those old stories and beauty in each of its constructions, I must say. Every building has some significance in history. If not, significance in the way its built.


  1. Polka dots will never go out of fashion! Very pretty pictures,Pria:)

  2. That is such a cute dress! Love how you've paired them with mojris!

  3. Very cute dress and lovely accessories especially the red pendant! Thanks for visiting my blog:-)
    would like to follow u..

  4. nice photos! Maybe we follow each other !? let me know :) Greetings

  5. cute can never get enough of polka dots :)

  6. Wow ! love your outfit ! your looking gr8 girl :D
    xoxo <3

  7. wow awsome pic Pria

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  8. Hey ...refreshing blog!

    Polkas are always so lively....but on u m gussing its more kinda HWAAT!

    keep blogging :).......Kala - ur lovely sis Pranathi's friend.


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