Christmas, New Year and UAE!

PS: I know, I know. Wondering that its been 3months we celebrated Christmas and of course we are done with Easter vacation as well, and I am still with my Christmas vacation post? This post has almost been dying in my drafts. So I decided to get rid of this today. I can't ignore posting few posts - How much ever late they are!

My ideal/dream Christmas and New Year time is to celebrate with:
Heavy snow, making snow man
Decorating christmas tree
Inviting friends for dinners, parties
Become a santa, gift children
Eat a delicious cake. 

No wonder I failed one more time in last 3consecutive years. Every time I had a chance, I had something else popping up suddenly. Well this time, it happened again but in a different way. Infact in the totally opposite way. 

There wasnt snow, there wasnt cold. But there was Sun.
Couldnt decorate a tree but could get fresh air from it.
Friends, dinners, parties could never be missed.
Whereever I go, Shopping follows
Became a buddy to my niece
Ate loads of delicious food

And all this happened in UAEEEEEE *Ok, there should only be one E. That was just my excitement.*

How good that can be! I wasnt expecting this trip very soon as I thought I am just settled in this place. But it happened and in an awesome way. My long lasting wish has been fulfilled as well with mom and dad visiting at the same time. We all were together having fun for straight 2weeks. There wasn't a single day which I regret of not spending well. We roamed everyday, everywhere. Dubai, Abudhabi, Sharjah, Ras-Al-Khaimah, Oman. These are the emirates we could cover mostly. 

Desert Safari, Dubai: One of the famous and popular things to do in Dubai. Going in those high ride safaris, camel ride, belly dancing, good OK food etc.

Beach: Who doesn't love the blue waters!

Acquariums: This is the most beautiful fish I have ever seen.

Dhow Cruise, Oman: We quickly included Oman and this cruise made our trip exciting unexpectedly. We got a private cruise for our family and it made it more special.

Masjid, Abu dhabi: I am wondering why is this not in the World Wonders when Taj Mahal is. This one of those beautiful pieces.

Malls: For all the shopping freaks, 2 things would happen to you. 1. You are going to go mad with loads of shopping at worthy prices. 2. You would feel jealous or be bored looking at the malls at every corner of the roads. 
Dubai Mall, Dragon Mall, Sharjah Mall, Center Point etc etc. Even kids are so much used to these names. My Niece loves the 2-Dirham store which is like the Dollar store.

Global Village: A huge shopping and entertainment place where they represent many countries, their culture, food, clothing etc. It could take more than a day to cover the place. And more than a week to cover all countries. I could visit many countries except India as I know what's going to be in there.

Tall buildings, Dubai & Abudhabi: These are the most beautiful huge and tall buildings I have seen ever. This a very clean place at one end and could be dirty at other end like New York.

There are many more miscellaneous places to go around. It was such a worthy trip!


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