Birthday and Donations

As I am moving far from my 25 and reaching 30, my birthdays are not much exciting anymore. It's not that I hate 30s but I am no more going to be in my 20s which is sad. Though 30s have their own pros and cons as 20s, I am not sure if they can give me as much fun as 20s. But I am quite sure, I am going to be more wiser wise. I still have a lot of time to reach 30 though.
Anyhoo.. It was my birthday some 10-15 days back and I wanted it to be peaceful this time. Totally. No mid-night celebrations, no wishes, no phone calls, no birthday dresses, no gifts, no parties, no dinners, no plans.. nothing.. nada. I have taken it off from my networking sites [this is a way to know your real friends ;-)].
I wished my birthday to be like any other day. Like any other working-day. Moreover I never celebrate at my work place. I have always taken off from work to celebrate with my family or friends. But this time I haven't. I planned my day busy. I filled it up with work and sessions after work. So I thought this is the best way to avoid my birthday.
On the other hand, off the topic, I have been volunteering for an organization and doing some donations every month to the poor. I have done it for quite a while now and wanted to take a step ahead. I wanted to take care of a visually challenged student. I have known them for some time. I know how they lead their lives. I know the issues they face in their daily life and coping with them. I wanted to be a supporting hand. And I am too happy that I could do it. I am taking care of a person's education. I hope I continue and get no destructions. Also, on occasion of my birthday, donated some amount to this organization. Feeling good and blessed. Now I see more purpose of my living.
Coming back to my birthday, as man proposes and god disposes, there is always someone to spoil your plans. I wanted to know my real friends, but a true-est friend of mine got excited and posted birthday wishes on my FB wall. So there goes my FB with wishes. Then messages and phone calls followed. Then sudden celebrations. Then dinner. Then movie. Then gifts. And you might be knowing how much I love surprises. So overall the birthday plan was a huge failure!



  1. You are lucky that so many people want to do so many things for you - just from a facebook post. Its a blessing. You should be happy :-)

    1. I agree. But you know it happens when you want everything to be quite sometimes

  2. And you look really pretty (I am assuming that is you in the photo :-))

  3. A belated birthday wish, Pria and hope you have many more years of happiness and prosperity knocking at your doors in times to come:)


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