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Me and My Blog.

I remember starting blogging for fun and time pass. I used to read blogs ALOT and I was like addicted. I read blogs the whole night and make sure I comment on the ones I like and I follow. I was never bothered about receiving comments but still I used to blog.

Slowly, it turned to be my scrapbook (or crapbook?). I write whatever I feel. When I am happy, sad, fun or sometimes completely unrelated posts which the bloggers wouldn't have a single clue. When I am super excited I write, when I am down, I write and when I have somethings I really don't want to share with anyone but still want to spit it somewhere, I write here.. (sorry, that shouldn't be spit) :P The thing I like the most on my blog is the Title. It's apt to what I write!

Now a days, I keep saying that I want to blog more and more but never did. I have so many things to write and everything ends up in my drafts. May be I started worrying if I will receive any comments or not and if anyone really reads my blog or not? If I am writing some personal thing, I just write it. But if it is something general, I think twice before posting. After reading many other wonderful blogs on which I keep visiting and commenting, I really feel for what I write. Does my posts really make sense? If they should, how should I write? Ok, let me learn from other blogs and thats it there ends my post in drafts. I pity my blog for I don't use it and make-up it. Well, but still hoping for good, someday I want to make this a photgraphy and clothing blog. Yeah, I am into pictures and clothes. Don't believe it? Wait for my next posts! *never ashamed of keep saying that I will post something new*

Whatever! Recently I read a post about Anonymous comments by *trying to get the name*. It's true. We may receive good, bad and worst (sometimes) comments from Anonymous people. If they are good and bad, I am ok. But what if they are worst and which are not related? I can't digest it! I never knew someone hates me so much untill I got Anonymous comments directly on my blog when I realised the importance of approval option. If you really dare to hate and comment, I suggest you write it with your name and let me know. How would I know someone who hates me so much without name and reason?

Alrighty! I received this award from Chocolover long time back, but never posted it. Thanks dear! For your information, she gave this when I was actually blogging :)



  1. Oh! If you have been reading my blog then you know about the damn Anonymous commenters.

    But we cannot get away from them. Let them be ... just continue to do your thing!!! :D

    P.S. Love your last comment on my post! THANK YOU! :) I am glad you got to reading it too for a change ... hehe

    ♡ from ©

  2. Hi Pria.. i must say this to you..

    I was under same boat in the recent days of blogging, also i think the post mentioned by you on anonymous comments is in my blog, i wrote it few days back..its very true..but as u said, if someone is using anonymous options to say they hate you, never allow it.. its kind of torture, as we are emotionally very much connected to our blogs, especially being girls..

    anyway, do not worry, keep posting.. dont force urself to write, write when u feel like doing simplifies many things. i will be reading ur posts..:)

    Keep up the good work..


  3. A blog shud always be that way. U shud write what u feel and when u feel. And yes thats why we have comment moderation. :) Congrats on the award.

  4. well..i guess there are every kind of people in this world and there are people who would hate you for no reason... i had this experience sometime back on blogger... i think you can disable the anonymous comment option.... they can be simply ignored if they hate you without any reason and without being visible...

  5. Anonymous comments are the worst! but you can't help it... all we can do is ignore them!
    And hey, Congrats on the cute award!

    P.S. - thanks for following me!

  6. @Tanvi, You are welcome! :)

    @Being Pramoda, Yea, thats true. Thanks! :)

    @Ria, Thanks! :)

    @Muhammad Israr, I dont want to disable it.. who knows I may get appreciations also.. :)

    @Jahn 'n Style, Thanks and you are welcome! :)


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