Globetrotter - my travel map

So the travel bug has finally bitten me. When I see myself a couple of years ago, I considered travel only for vacation like time off to relax, to spend with family or weekending away with a bunch of friends. Wherever I was travelling, I needed people to make those moments. It was never about the place to be visited but the journey with the loved ones which is perfect.

Recently I turned to be a travel person - the one who wants to visit every new place, learn about it, know people, understand culture and explore. I wish to spend as much time as possible travelling. And its a more perfect journey. Of course, nothing can beat spending with family and friends in such tours! 

The last one year has been amazing for me in regards to traveling. Visited many nice places and countries - one of the advantages of living in Europe. You take a one hour flight and bam.. you are in a different country! That's one of the reasons I LOVE Europe! Also this time, I had a travel goal for my next birthday. I targeted to visit a new continent before I turn an year older. And fortunately I could do it pretty soon than planned.

So here I was trying to look for a travel map to spot the places I visited so far. I have found something to spot the countries visited. Disappointed to see that I visited only 7% of the world! And that 7% includes the countries and not the places. Which means I have not really visited even a tiny % of the world yet! Anyway I am still happy that I have a LOT of places to go and LOT of things to see around. Wish me luck.. till then!

Check yours here. Would love to hear about your score in the comments below! :)

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