What I Wore for an Indian House-warming in Summer - #CottonAnarkali

Spending summer in India has become a big trouble if you are living in one of those hottest regions.. especially in the South or the far North. I made my latest trip to India during summer unlike every time and it was just around 40 degrees Celsius.. yea, just 40. There are also places that reached 45.. so you can imagine!

Attending a traditional function in that sweltering heat is an absolute night mare! But it's been a while I attended these occasions (cons of living abroad) and I have been waiting to attend a traditional party. So when I received this house warming invitation from a cousin, I couldn't say no. But the next big question was WHAT TO WEAR.

My initial plan was to put on a saree but I immediately dropped that idea 2 days after landing in the city. Next came Anarkalis. They have become go-to outfits for Indian parties for few years now and that came to my rescue. There are innumerable styles and styles still coming up. They are very traditional, trendy, fancy and comfortable depending on the occasion to choose from. And they are ready-made. Well.. you don't have to spend time in designing it.

I had two options.. this black and white one and another one of neon. I really liked the neon one and dolled up myself with bright lipstick for which i got some ugly stares. And you can't ignore such stares when you get them from your mom. She is always right.. or at least your best critic! I wish people someday would treat neon as a beautiful color.

As it's a family function with just few close people, I went back to this simple cotton anarkali with full sleeves. It has fine parsley prints with an antique neck design. The top part has a vest-like look tied up with crochet balls. I thought the sleeves would make me uncomfortable but they actually helped me avoiding my skin from being exposed to sun and kept me cool. I paired it with a plain dupatta on the side, an antique neck piece and gold-ish heels. That's it!

I now don't regret of not wearing neon. I would have ended up looking like a florescent green zombie hurting people's eyes in that bright sunlight.

I don't know why some photographers don't even wait for a smile! :/



  1. Perfect for the occasion :) Hope you had a nice vacation !

  2. Nice dress and you look pretty! It's been a while seeing posts from you. Keep posting n posing 😉

  3. Glad that you are back. The dress looks beautiful on you. Little one following your foot steps :-)


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