Happy Sankranthi/Pongal/Lohri

Happy New Year, people! Hope you all had a wonderful start of the year. Mine certainly did that locked me up for first 2weeks. Had a busy start of the year which has so far been so good. 

India has just celebrated one of the largest festivals during last week. Its called Sankranthi or Pongal or Lohri depending on the region you are from and is celebrated in most parts of South India. 

A festive week right after the New Year ending the cold days with celebration of welcoming Sun God and beginning of harvest season. Its a close to heart festival for farmers but it does is celebrated across India. Of course being away from India, we just welcomed snow on this part of the world and miss having bonfires, doing rangolis outside our homes. And festive fooood, how can anyone forget that. Though I wouldn't enjoy the 3rd day of this festival anymore as I reduced my meat intake now. Yes, the third day called Kanuma is dedicated to eating only meat :(

Coming to the outfit of the day, this is a very basic kurti we got stitched from a local tailor, but fell in love simply because of the pattu material I guess. It gave that festive look and of course the color combination.

This outfit works well for a pooja or festival at home. To balance it, I paired it with a simple jewellery set and matching stone sandals. How do you like it?

By the way, if you are wondering about the shoot location, we did it outdoors but indoors.. haha.. this was done in our apartment corridor as the Sun God didn't cooperate with good lighting. We don't back-out when we are dressed up, do we? The pictures are captured on phone with no editing, quite decent I see!


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