Polka and Neon love

While polka dots have been trending for a long time and will be in forever, I never thought I would love neons as much until I tried it a couple of years ago. Since my childhood, neon shades have been treated as such blocking colours, I didn't want to be an odd man out wearing them. And wearing them on a bright day can easily hurt the eyes of audience. 
BUT.. one day or the other, you try what you got to try, isn't it? And a little bit of  colour blocking wouldn't hurt anyone either! 

So we did this shoot when I unusually had a chance to wear sleeveless dress in Stavanger. I wanted to keep it neon themed and chose to wear this light neon-pink polka dots dress that I got for my birthday few years ago. At the same time, didn't want to overload the neon, hence kept it simple with easy-going neon earrings and shoes styling with monochrome bag and jewellery. 

Now I see that I'm slowly incorporating these colours in my everyday style. Neons should become a must-have in a girl's wardrobe.

As I'm writing this, I'm excited thinking about the brightest neon outfit shoot we did a while ago. I can't wait to show you guys.

Dress: Paris Pink
Shoes: no memory (but they are from Luze)
Earrings: H&M ?
Watch: Michael Kors
Jewellery: Pandora bracelet, bangles from Gina Tricot
Sunglasses: Prestige (most cheapest stylish glasses)

Photography: Maria Priz


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