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Wish List and Black Boots

I wish:
1. To have a heart that forgives people easily. Is there anyone who has this already? Oh yes, I can see you. Please give me some gyaan.
2. I don't regret much for certain things.
3. I don't loose patience over silly things.
4. I don't have too many mood swings that could spoil other's mood.
5. I am happy with and appreciate what I have in life.
6. To have a heart that forgives people easily. Is there anyone who has this already? Oh yes, I can see you. Please give me some gyaan.
7. I don't regret much for certain things.
8. I don't loose patience over silly things.
9. I don't have too many mood swings that could spoil other's mood.
10. I am happy with and appreciate what I have in life.

Yes I said it and you read it right. If only these wishes can be fulfilled soon and I make my life better. These are the only things I have in mind right now other than these black boots. I have been looking for simple black boots for a while and finally got them. To say how much I am loving them, these are the only shoes I have been wearing since I got them.

Finally wishing myself a pleasant week ahead!


  1. Nice look..the black boots are fabulous..bought myself a pair too recently! Thanks for yr lovely comment on my blog, have a great week!

  2. don't you think those wishes are lil yet big ones which if achieved can make life really simple. *Smiles*

    Awesome dress and pretty you by the way.I so loved it. :)

    1. I do! And thats the reason I wish for.
      Thank you :):)

  3. I too join in wishing you a lovely time ahead in those amazing boots :) Reminded me of the lovely song 'These boots are made for walking' by Nancy Sinatra! Do hear it on the net if you have not.....:)

  4. Nice look...hope u get all that your heart desires.


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